Parking Sensors

Protect your car and enjoy stress-free parking!

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Park in those small spaces while protecting your car. Reverse Sensor Systems helps you make parking easy, avoiding damage to your or another vehicle. Instant alerts to walls, low fences, bollards, parked cars etc, give you peace of mind. Reverse sensors make parking easier, especially for those with restricted mobility.

The system is automatically activated when you engage reverse. Tiny sensors, which are normally fixed to the rear bumper, send and receive radio waves which “radar” off obstacles and alerts (combined audio and visual) to their presence. The closer you get to the hazard the higher the alert intensity becomes.

3 year warranty

Reverse Sensors in-car

Sensors are fitted into the back bumper and an audio-visual is installed.

Reverse Sensors are neat and highly effective. They can reduce stress and save you money by avoiding the “avoidable” accidents and preserving your no-claims. We can even colour code your sensors to match the colour of your bumper!