DVD / FreeView Systems

With technology advancing on a daily basis ICEBEAT also advance and stay one step ahead of the changing market to give the most up-to-date advice on in-car DVD / Freeview systems.

We all know there are some really ‘cheap’ products out in the marketplace which often don’t last their warranty nor give the quality often stated when sold. That’s why at ICEBEAT we only sell proven products giving the best value & sustainability, to suit both your budget and requirements.

ICEBEAT can offer a whole range of DVD systems such as:

  • Headrest mounted screens
  • Headrest replacement systems
  • Roof mounted/flip down screens
  • Dash mounted systems
  • Playstation/games console integration

  • Link to car audio/sat nav screen
  • Freeview devices (optimum signal when stationary)
  • Repairs to existing systems
  • Installation of customer’s own products
  • Cordless Headphones